Best Dessert Places in Arizona

Throughout my childhood in Arizona, I have explored many of its famous restaurants and cafes. I absolutely love trying new dessert and cafes during my free time with friends. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Mango Rabbit (Tempe, Arizona). My friend and I absolutely adore this super cute cafe. It really made us feel nostalgic about our childhood with the giant teddy bear decoration. They offer many boba drinks but our favorite is their waffle ice cream. My friend and I split this dessert while we studied. This dessert shop is located next to Arizona State University in Tempe and it featured a super quiet study place.
  2. Teaspressa (Arcadia, Downtown Phoenix). I have talked about this cafe many times already on my website. My favorite location is their Downtown Phoenix one. They have several round tables for people to do work but also have patio chairs. My favorite drink is their Swiss Ivory. They also sell desserts such as cookies and toasts as well.
  3. Bubble Bee(Scottsdale Quarter). It is super hard to find decent boba shops in Scottsdale. My friend and I recently went to this shop located at Scottsdale Quarter. They have a long menu of different drinks from creamy to icy. The one in the picture is of their enchanted chai drink with their original honey boba. It was absolutely delicious. What makes this place unique is their decorations and their drink names. It really was super refreshing in this triple digit heat.
  4. Ruze Cake House (Old Town Scottsdale). This is also one of my favorite boba shops in the area. I love their fruity teas paired with cotton candy. This cafe is not very ideal for studying however. They also sell amazing macarons.

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