My Beauty and Skincare Favorites

During quarantine, I have had ample time to learn about makeup brands and learn how to take better care of my skin. I have tried many different makeup brands and skincare routines and here are some of my favorites:

(Please note that I am not endorsed and this is simply just my opinion based on my own experiences)

My go-to face cleanser and make up removers are the Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean and Take it Away. I have tried many face cleanser from brands such as Neutrogena and Cetaphil. However, I have discovered that the face washes from those two brands are a bit rough for my skin and do not take away as much. In terms of makeup removers, I often pair the Estee Lauder Take it Away with a makeup wipe just to ensure that I have removed all of it. Removing all my makeup is an essential part of my nighttime routine.

Since I grew in the desert of Arizona, rough and dry hands has always been a problem. Thankfully, the Love Beauty and Planet Hand Lotion was a lifesaver. I absolutely love the scent Murumuru Butter and Rose. This scent smells very good and it is not overwhelming. I am very sensitive to strong scents but this is a good compromise.

Mario Badescu is my go-to facial spray. I love the scent of aloe, herbs and rosewater. It is incredibly refreshing and I spray it around the clock. It really wakes me up.

I have written about my makeup routine before. I recently discovered the importance of blush. It really provides an additional glow on top of foundation and highlighter. This was the first blush I bought and I absolutely love it. The Benefit Georgia blush provides a pink orange blush. Most importantly, it reminds me of my love for Georgia.

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