Life After Quarantine Part 2

As it has been over two months since I flew home from college, my life has been undergoing many adjustments. I recently just wrapped up finals for my junior year of college. I definitely have started to venture out of my house more as the stay at home order in Arizona is coming to an end. Of course, I am still taking safety precautions. Here are some activities that I have been up to recently:

Earlier this week, I got takeout from my favorite Scottsdale restaurant, Postinos. I absolutely love their bruschetta. I have tried making my own before but it never came out quite as good. They have such unique combinations whether that is sweet, salty or savory. The ones in the picture above are: ricotta with dates and pistachios, fresh mozzarella tomato and basil, smoked salmon and pesto and bacon, arugula and tomato. Out of these four, the ricotta with dates and pistachios is my favorite. When I got the takeout, the employees were incredibly nice and made the no contact pickup process very smooth.

I went on a quick getaway to Sedona, Arizona this week. I was very surprised by the number of people exploring this city on a weekday. The parking lots of the trails were very packed and I had to drive around for hours. I finally found a trail called Little Horse trailhead with parking. This particular trail was quite empty which was good. The views were spectacular regardless. I am absolutely captivated by the glory of the red rocks. Every trip to Sedona does not disappoint.

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