Prescott Arizona Road Trip

Last summer, my friend and I took an amazing day trip to Prescott Arizona. It is located about two hours away from Phoenix. It was such a nice escape from the city’s triple digit heat. Here are some of our snapshots and activities that we did:

Our own way to Prescott, we stopped by the famous Black Canyon City. The main attraction is Rock Springs cafe. They had the most amazing pies I have ever tasted. I got the Cherry Crumb Pie while my friend got pecan pie. Other pies that they have include Key Lime, Mixed Berry, Peach.

These were the main attractions that we visited during our time. Our first stop was at Downtown Prescott. Their main street is called Whiskey Row. They had a bunch of tourist shops that sold Arizona tourist merchandise and a bunch of bars. I loved the fountain in the middle of the plaza.

Our favorite attraction was Watson Lake. I have previously mentioned Watson Lake in my article Must-See Destinations in Arizona. My friend and I were very surprised at how we were the only ones at the lake. The water was extremely blue and it was very fun to climb along the rocks. It really provided us with the serenity and calm that we needed post finals.

After the lake, my friend and I went to explore the nearby swamps. We stumbled upon a field of dandelions and it was so surreal. For a moment, we forgot that we lived in a desert.

To treat ourselves after a long busy day, we went to el gato Azul for dinner. Unfortunately, I do not remember the exact name of the dishes that we got but here are two pictures of our dish.

The road trip was a tremendous success and I highly recommend visiting Prescott if you are in Arizona.

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