Some facts about me

As I am getting closer to my 100th WordPress Blog post, I would like to re-introduce myself. These questions and answers are all written by me and reflect my beliefs. I hope this can provide more insight on the topics I write about on my website!


  1. Hometown: Scottsdale
  2. College: Emory
  3. Born in Phoenix? No
  4. Favorite color: Purple
  5. Early bird or night owl? early bird
  6. Contacts or Glasses? Both
  7. Extrovert or Introvert? Extrovert
  8. Glass half empty or glass half full? glass half full


  1. Favorite US City: Atlanta
  2. Favorite International Cities: Venice and Beijing
  3. States been to in US: CA, OR, WA, TX, LA, GA, TN, DC, IL, MA, HI
  4. Favorite place in Atlanta: Ponce City Market
  5. Favorite palce in Scottsdale: Old Town
  6. West coast or east coast: East
  7. Dream city to work in : Boston
  8. Beach or city? City
  9. Phoenix or Atlanta? Atlanta
  10. Scottsdale or Atlanta? Atlanta
  11. Best sunset I’ve seen: Stone Mountain
  12. Go-to road trip: Sedona or Savannah
  13. Rain or snow? Snow
  14. Dry heat or humid? humid
  15. LA or SF? LA
  16. Boston or DC? Boston
  17. First time I’ve seen snow: Freshman year in college (2017) in Atlanta
  18. Car or Airplane? Car


  1. Pasta or Pizza? Pizza
  2. Hamburger or hotdog? Hamburger
  3. Cake or donut? Cake
  4. Cook? Learning!
  5. Favorite Chinese dish: Ma pao tofu
  6. Favorite dim sum: shrimp dumplings
  7. Best Chinatown: Boston
  8. Favorite dessert: ice cream
  9. Boba or coffee? Boba
  10. tea or Coffee? Tea
  11. Best restaurant in Atlanta: Sundial
  12. Best restaurant in Scottsdale: Tocaya Organica
  13. Carb lover? Yes
  14. Dessert first or last? last!
  15. Vegetarian? No


  1. What social media platform am I not on? Reddit
  2. Video games? Sometimes
  3. College parties? Sometimes
  4. Favorite TV show: Friends
  5. Favorite Friends character: Monica
  6. Netflix or Hulu? Netflix
  7. People or Cosmo magazine? Cosmo
  8. Favorite artists: Taylor Swift or Jonas Brothers
  9. Spotify or Pandora? Spotify
  10. Tik tok? Yes
  11. Animal Crossing? Yes but not anymore
  12. Last TV show I saw: Normal People (Hulu)
  13. Go-to social media: Instagram
  14. Least favorite social media: Snapchat
  15. Favorite Youtube channel: Wong Fu Productions
  16. Vsco? Yes
  17. Favorite Movie: Clueless


  1. Favorite Clothing Brand: Madewell
  2. Apple or Android? Apple
  3. First thing I do in morning: put on makeup
  4. Last thing I do at night: check social media
  5. Go to Hobby: writing
  6. Favorite Outdoor activity: running
  7. Scariest activity I’ve done: bungee jumping
  8. Greatest fear: heights and rollercoasters
  9. Leggings or jeans? Depends on occasion

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