Life After Quarantine

As Arizona begins to slowly reopen, my life has started to retain some normalcy. I still try to stay at home as much as possible. I finally left my house for the second time to pick up an iced drink from Teaspressa which is one of my absolute favorite coffee shops in Phoenix. As shown in the first photo, the drink was a Swiss Ivory. This was perfect to help cool me down from the triple digit heat. I was desperately craving an iced drink.

Later on this week, I took a long walk around Fountain Hills Park, about 15 minute drink from my house. Being outdoors really helped clear my head and destress after a long day. I really needed a change of scenery from my neighborhood. At the start of every hour, the World Famous Fountain goes off for fifteen minutes. It was so nice watching the fountain and the sunset backdrop. It really makes me feel grateful to live in such a wonderful state.

This week, I made homemade oat yogurt bites. I saw a recipe from Buzzfeed Tasty Vegetarian and modified it greatly to make it more healthier. My goal this year is to cook more and my skills have definitely improved. The ingredients for this dish are rolled oats, vanilla yogurt, strawberries, honey, cinnamon and banana.

To make the oat base, I mashed a banana with a cup of rolled oats and added honey and cinnamon so that it would all stick together. I then used silicon cups to create the base. I put all the bites in an air fryer and let it bake at 350F for 15 minutes. I then decorated the bites with yogurt and cut strawberries. My method differed from that of Buzzfeed Tasty Vegetarian because I used an air fryer instead of an oven and did not include the almond extract. I do not have a super sweet tooth so I cut down on the sweetness.

Overall, this dish was a wonderful snack and my parents were quite impressed!

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