Lessons I have learned during social-distancing

It has now been two whole months since I have started incorporating social-distancing in my normal routine. It has been a huge adjustment on my part. It helped me grow a lot and reflect on myself. Here are some of the lessons that I have learned:

  1. We are all in this together

Everyone has been affected by this new normal in different ways whether that is working from home, online classes, or having to move back home. It is easy to forget that other people are in the same position as well.

2. Be grateful

I am incredibly grateful to have such a wonderful support system consisting of my family and friends to help each other get through this unique time. I value all of the time I spend with them and am learning more about them.

3. Stay calm

It is easy to get stressed from the news. It is important to cope effectively whether that is going on runs, meditating, journaling or listening to music. These activities are just some of my favorites. I have noticed that they help me a lot to destress and are a peaceful study break. I also have started to limit the time I spend on social media so I can really focus on my life.

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