Fun Attractions in Phoenix, Arizona

During college breaks, I love reuniting with my high school friends and exploring our state capital. Phoenix is often underrated. Here are some of the most memorable places that my friends and I have been to over the years:

The Phoenix Art Museum and the Japanese Friendship Garden are both located in Downtown Phoenix. The Phoenix Art Museum has many super cool exhibits and is one of the best art museums in the state. My favorite is the firefly exhibit by Yayoi Kusama. My friends and I would love to sit in the room and watch the different colored lights flicker. I actually even had my junior prom at the Phoenix art museum which was pretty memorable!

The Japanese Friendship Garden is unique in that it is located in the heart of a bustling city. It offers a nice peaceful escape. My friends and I had a great time admiring the koi fish in the pond and walking around the park. It is definitely not as big or as nice as the one in the San Francisco Botanical Garden but definitely still worth it. It is super rare to find a garden like this in the middle of the desert.

During the holiday season, the World of Illumination and Lights of the World are my family’s favorite attractions. The World of Illumination is a drive through and you get to see the Christmas Lights dance to different Christmas music. My family took my cousins, who are much younger than me, and we had a wonderful time bonding and singing to the songs. The best part is that we didn’t have to leave the comfort of our own cars!

Every year, my family and I attend Lights of the World. This is different from other exhibits with holiday lights. The creators of this exhibit replicate famous structures around the world such as the leaning tower of Pisa using lights. It reminded me of a World Expo made entirely out of holiday lights. In addition, there is a night market where they serve foods from various Asian cuisines. My favorite part is that there is also a Chinese acrobat show. It is so impressive to see children who are younger than me perform such daunting tricks. Lights of the World is a combination of a state fair and holiday lights exhibit.

I also mentioned some other fun holiday attractions for Christmas in Arizona in my article titled “Desert Christmas”.

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