Italy-Florence, Venice

After I graduated from high school in May 2017, my family took me to Italy for my graduation trip. During our three week vacation, we visited famous Italy destinations such as Venice, Florence, Rome, Cinque Terre, and Tuscany. The next few posts will about our adventure and include some of our vacation snapshots.

The first leg of our trip was in Venice. We stayed at a hotel right along the river. Some of our activities included riding a gondola, checking out the glass souvenir shops along the river, walking around St. Mark’s square. The view of Venice seemed like it would be right out of a painting or dream. All of the buildings were very pastel and colorful. I was surprised by how blue the water was and how it wasn’t as crowded as I had expected. My family and I also checked out other famous attractions such as Rialto Bridge and Doge’s Palace.

The food in Venice was pretty disappointing actually. I was shocked by the number of restaurants that served the stereotypical pizza and pasta. Besides the fact that the food was mediocre, it was also very pricey. I wanted to try more of the signature Italian cuisine dishes. The second picture was one of my favorite dishes I tried. This was an exception of course.

I cannot even imagine what it would be like to live in Venice. It was so different than any place I have ever been to. The citizen’s livelihood revolve around the water.

From Venice, my family took a 2 hour train to Florence. Florence and Venice are polar opposites. Florence gave off a very city vibe. We admired the classic Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, checked out Uffizi Gallery, and awed at the sunset over Ponte Vecchio. We pre-booked our tickets to the museums and we stayed at an Airbnb during our stay. Ponte Vecchio had a lot of small stands that sold jewelry and other small goods. Other activities included exploring Pitti Palace, Galleria dell Accademia (which had the famous statue of David) and Piazza della Signoria (a square).

While we were in Florence, my family took a day trip to Siena and Tuscany. My parents absolutely love wine tasting. My sister and I tried this amazing Italian dessert called Panna Cotta. It is similar to pudding and it just melted in my mouth. During this day trip, we stopped by Siena and saw the famous Duomo di Siena which was jaw-dropping. Overall, I was so impressed by all of the Italian architecture.

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