Italy-Cinque Terre, Rome

One of the most memorable day trips I have ever taken was during my graduation trip with my family to Italy. We visited the famous Cinque Terre for a day.

The views from Cinque Terre were absolutely incredible. I saw the bluest water I have ever seen. There were so many tourists chasing the waves and tanning. It was also super cool because Cinque Terre was located below sea level. I loved admiring the pastel colored buildings and checking out the tourist shops. This is truly what paradise is made out of. I cannot wait to come back!

The next leg of our Italy trip was Rome. I was overall quite disappointed in Rome compared to Florence and Venice. This place was covered by tourists and there were many tourist traps. In addition, the food prices was even more expensive than in Venice or Florence. Here are some places we went to in Rome:

My family and I mainly went to the tourist destinations such as the Colosseum, the Vatican, and Trevi Fountain. The Colosseum was a bit overrated as most of the structure was reconstructed. We had to wait a super long time to get into the Vatican and the Colosseum. I really enjoyed the gallery of the maps in the Vatican. My sister and I took lots of pictures at Trevi Fountain and of course, threw a few coins in the fountain to make a wish. This is the fountain seen in the When in Rome movie.

I am so lucky that I was able to experience and visit Italy and I had the absolute time of my life. Here are some superlatives for the trip:

Favorite destination: Venice

Best food: Florence

Best views: Cinque Terre

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