During the winter break of 2017, my family went to Maui, Hawaii for Christmas. This was the first beach vacation my family has taken. It was about a 6 hour flight and we landed in Maui in the morning.

The first picture shows the view from our hotel room. We were so lucky to be close to the ocean and just walk a few feet to relax on the beach. 80% of our trip was at our hotel soaking up the sunshine and just relaxing. This trip was especially needed after my first round of college finals.

The best part about Hawaii were the sunsets. They were absolutely magical and each day brought a new distinct sunset.

My family took two day trips during our week long stay. The first one was the famous Road to Hana. We rented a car and drove around the route around Maui. We made stops at Twin Falls and the Halfway to Hana food stop. We hiked to Twin Falls. It was actually quite slippery because of all the water and dirt on the trails. Unfortunately, my family did not go into the water at the falls because the water was quite cold.

At the Halfway to Hana food stop, we bought homemade banana bread and drank from a coconut. It was such a classic Hawaiian meal.

My family and I finally reached the end of our Hana road trip when we ended up at the black rock beach! However, it was raining so we were not able to go swimming. We took amazing pictures of beach and dipped our feet in the unique black rock.

Our second day trip was to Crater of Haleakala. This is one of Maui’s most famous destinations. The view from the top was absolutely breathtaking!

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