Los Angeles Part 2

This is a continuation of Los Angeles Part 1

During my second trip to Los Angeles, I went to visit my college sophomore year roommate at her home in San Fernando Valley. I was able to explore a different part of Los Angeles which was super exciting to me.

During my first day, my friend and I visited the Universal Studios CityWalk. We had dinner at the famous Hard Rock Cafe. I have been to Universal Studios before as a child with my family about a decade ago. For dessert, we went to the famous voodoo donut shop where we got voodoo doll shaped donuts which were surprisingly good.

Our second day, we explore Venice Beach and the Venice Canals. While I am normally a beach person, Venice Beach was disappointing. This place had too much of a hippie vibe and it was one of the most unclean beaches I have been too. Since I visited in June, my friend and I were able to go into the water and we loved chasing the waves.

The Venice Canals was my favorite part of the trip. I absolutely love looking at houses and architecture. It was so fascinating to see all the different styles the houses had and how almost all the houses had houseboats.

To end our trip, we went to Griffith Observatory. We were able to wait in line to get to the top and also loved looking through the different telescopes. The view from the top of the observatory was breathtaking.

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