Los Angeles Part 1

During college, I made two trips to Los Angeles to visit two of my best friends. My first trip was to visit my best friend at University of Southern California. I stayed with her at her freshman dorm and we had the best time touring all the famous destinations in Los Angeles.

I absolutely fell in love with the University of Southern California campus. (My heart will always be at Emory of course). USC gave off a very different vibe. The school campus was much larger and the students were very always very busy. I walked by three acapella groups and got to explore some of the gardens on campus. It was super fun catching up with some classmates from high school who attend the university.

For food, my friend and I loved Grand Central Market. Some of the dishes were bit pricey however. This place reminded me of Atlanta’s Ponce City Market. I absolutely love the variety at different food markets.

The highlight of this trip was Santa Monica Beach. Since I went during January 2018, it was a bit too cold to actually go into the water. However, we didn’t let that ruin our time. My friend and I got a pass and went on the famous rollercoaster ride at the pier. I am super afraid of heights so this was a new experience for me. I was surprised at how many beach goers there were in the middle of winter.

See Los Angeles Part 2 for more!

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