Washington DC

During 2018 Spring break, my mom flew to Washington DC to spend my spring break with me at our nation’s capital. Visiting Washington DC has been on my travel list for as long as I can remember. This trip was truly spectacular and made me fall in love with this city. It has been added to the list of places I want to work full time in the future.

My mom and I stayed in Rockville which is about a 30 min subway right away from the heart of DC. I loved the Rockville Town Square. It was so unique as there was an ice skating rink, boba shops, and a variety of restaurants. One of the restaurants was Sichuan Jin River and my mom and I ate there almost every day.

I love how tourist friendly this city is as most of the museums all had free admissions. My mom and I visited many Smithsonian museums such as Natural History, Air and Space, American History, Hirshorn Sculpture, and the Gardens. I love how all the museums are located right next to the National Mall which makes it easy to go to one right after the other. My personal favorite was the Gallery of Art. Modern art is my absolute favorite. I took some art classes in high school and I love doing art during my free time.

The U.S. Botanical Garden was also gorgeous. I love botanical gardens and I have been to several all over the country. However, this was the most impressive. My mom and I had a mini quick photoshoot in the gardens.

Of course, no trip to the capital is complete without a tour around the National Mall. My mom and I took several photos outside of the capital building and enjoyed walking around to admire the view.

One of our more fun stops was in Georgetown. I have heard about Georgetown Cupcakes before and I was dying to try. My mom and I got four picture perfect cupcakes and I devoured them. During our stay in Georgetown, we also toured the university and the surrounding college town.

I absolutely loved DC and I cannot wait to go back!

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