Cooking my way through Social-Distancing

As I have almost reached two full months of social-distancing, I have explored various different hobbies such as embroidery, painting, and oil pastel. I recently have gotten into cooking. I especially enjoy making dishes that have fruits in them. Here are two dishes I made recently: smoothie bowl and fruit bruschetta.

Here is the recipe for smoothie bowl:


-cup of strawberries, cup of blueberries, banana, cup of Greek vanilla yogurt, and a dash of milk

-put all the ingredients in a blender and blend till all the fruits are broken down

-place in a bowl and decorate with cut strawberries and banana along with granola

Here is the recipe for Fruit bruschetta:


-cup of strawberries, honey cream cheese, white French bread

-toast the bread and then spread cream cheese and the cut strawberries on top

These recipes are perfect for the beginning of summer and are super delicious and easy to make!

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