Must see Destinations in Georgia

During my three years in Georgia, I have explored a bunch of places both within the city and outside of the city. My dad has taken me on a day trip to Savannah and Tybee island. In addition, I have gone on trips with my friends and Outdoor Emory to destinations such as Black Rock State Park and Tallulah Gorge State Park.

  1. Stone Mountain

This is still by far the destination with the most beautiful sunset scenery. It is only located about 20 minutes from Emory’s campus which is super convenient. I have seen the sunset about five times now from Stone Mountain. I love their lift to the top of the mountain. I also have climbed to the top once before. The carving on the mountain is very unique. In addition, this park also has events such as the Pumpkin festival and laser light show.

2. Savannah

My dad and I took a day trip to Savannah during my fall break 2019. The drive was about 4 hours one way. I was surprised by what I saw in Savannah. I loved all the historical houses and all the greenery. I loved hopping from one park to the next and admired the architecture on the fountains.

3. Tybee Island

During our trip to Savannah, we also stopped by Tybee Island which was located nearby. Since it was October, the water was too cold for me to swim in. However, the view was quite gorgeous. It really had the typical beach vibe and I loved running along the beach to look at the houses and seagulls.

4. Black Rock State Park

I went on this trip with Outdoor Emory during my sophomore year. I loved looking at the fall leaves and the fog made it even prettier. We went on a small hike and then had a picnic.

5. Tallulah Gorge State Park

I went on this trip with Outdoor Emory during my junior year. This hike was much more strenuous than the one at Black Rock. The hike was incredibly steep and it was also raining which made it even more difficult. There were so many stairs and I really was quite tired near the end. However, the view made it worth it!

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