Boston Must-Sees

During social-distancing, I have ben reminiscing about all my travels these past two years. One of the most memorable vacations I took was with my friends in Boston this past summer. I took a red-eye to Boston from Phoenix and spent four days with my college best friends. Here are some of our favorite places:

My first stop was Quincy Market. I loved exploring and examining the different vendors. I loved the bustling vibe.

My next stop was the financial district. Since I grew up in the suburbs, I am always in awe of big cities. I loved the skyline in Boston and how it was in walking distance to the waterfront and Chinatown. What made Boston unique is that the pace didn’t feel as rushed as New York. I loved how there was such beautiful landscape throughout the financial district.

I am such a sucker for flowers and gardens which is why I actually spent over half the day at the Boston Public Garden. I loved how there were a huge variety of different kinds of flowers. My favorite part was watching people pass by in swan boats on the lake. It was also so fun to see all the dogs and little kids playing outdoors.

Newbury Street was also super memorable. I love outdoor shopping areas. My friends and I got boba at one of the tea shops, explored stores such as AllBirds, Lush, Urban Outfitters, and Muji.

I am typically not a museum person but I absolutely loved the Isabelle Stewart Gardener Museum. It featured furniture and art but most importantly, I loved the architecture and plants.

Of course, a trip to Boston would not be complete if I didn’t stop by Chinatown. My friends and I had the most delicious dim sum as one of our last meals together.

I am so lucky I was able to visit Boston. It has inspired me to start looking for jobs in the area. I hope to return someday!

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