Must-See Destinations in Arizona

I spent my entire childhood in Arizona. I have really learned how to appreciate its unique desert beauty. Here are a list of my favorite places around the state of Arizona. Many of these places are excellent day trips:

  1. Sedona

I have previously showed my love for this place in an article called Devil’s Bridge. This is the perfect weekend getaway as it is only located two hours north from Phoenix. I love going hiking in the midst of all the red rock and the views are breathtaking. This is my favorite place in all of Arizona and I typically go at least once a year.

2. Antelope Canyon

You probably have seen some pictures of this place in magazines. It is super common for models to pose in the canyon. This place however is a bit isolated and about 4 hours away from Phoenix in Page, Arizona.

3. Saguaro Lake

This is located about half hour away from Phoenix and it is near Fountain Hills. I went here with a friend at the beginning of this year and it was so relaxing. It is almost like Arizona’s mini beach. People go swimming and kayaking at this lake. I loved looking at the waves and dipping my feet in the sand.

4. Grasshopper Point

My friends and I took a day trip here. It is also located near Sedona. This place is a hidden gem. I loved the creek even though the water was a bit cold. My friends jumped from the cliff into the water but I was too scared to get cracks on my feet. I had such an enjoyable time but it was super crowded.

5. Watson Lake

This lake is much larger than Saguaro Lake. It is located two hours away from Phoenix in Payson. It is a bit secluded. When my friend and I visited, we were the only people in the park.

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