My Arizona Restaurant Bucket List

I have recently written an article called Atlanta Restaurant Bucket List. Now I am going to write a similar article for my hometown in Arizona.


  1. Arcadia Farms Cafe-I absolutely fell in love with their strawberry chicken salad
  2. Culinary Dropout-Their monkey bread and kale and shrimp salad were to die for
  3. Ruze Cake House-Best boba and macaroons in the valley and the most Instagram-friendly cafe
  4. Diego Pops-Loved their tacos and prickly pear tea
  5. Schmooze-I loved their chai latte, tiramisu latte, and berry hibiscus tea
  6. Chop Shop-I loved their Danish, American, and Asian Salad
  7. Tocaya Organica-Their summer love salad was amazing!
  8. Nobu-want to go!


  1. The Henry-Loved their salmon bruschetta appetizer and Henry House salad
  2. Teaspressa-picture perfect gingerbread latte and sakura rose latte
  3. Clever Koi-the best fusion pork belly bao and pork ramen
  4. Arrogant Butcher-Very delicious pretzels and fondue and baked rigatoni

Also see my post called Best Restaurants in Scottsdale!

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