My Make-up Routine for a Natural Look

During these weeks of social distancing, I haven’t done my makeup as much as I used to. My routine usually takes about 20 minutes and I would do it daily during college. I have started to do my makeup again these past few days as I realized it adds some normality to my day. It makes me feel much more productive and motivated.

Here are pictures of the products that I use. Notice that about half of the products come from Glossier. I have written article about my love for this makeup company.

The products are: Bobbi Brown Foundation SPF 15, Nars Concealer, Glossier Haloscope highlighter, Glossier Boy Brown, Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara, and Glossier Lip gloss. The second picture is of Nesa eyeshadow.

The first step is using the foundation. I apply it using my hands and not a beauty blender because I like having more control. While this is one of the more expensive foundations on the market, it is the best quality. In addition, foundation is the most important makeup component. It is especially important for me because it covers all the acne and blemishes on my face.

I then apply concealer under my eyes and haloscope along my cheek bones to give that addition glow.

I then apply the boy brow. I have tried several different eye brown products over the years such as powder or pencil. However, this boy brow is in the format of mascara and makes it very easy to apply.

To complete the look, I use mascara and apply the Glossier lip gloss. I love this lip gloss and I apply it around the clock. It really gives the natural glossy look.

I occasionally apply eyeshadow depending on my mood. I usually use just the tan color for my daily routine but different colors depending on events.

I hope this routine helped!

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