My Atlanta Restaurant Bucket List

As I am putting together a collage for my junior year of college, it really makes me reflect on the do and don’ts of college. Moving away for college really was a learning experience and it taught me so much more about myself and showed me exactly what I am capable of. I have a bucket list of all the places I want to go to and activities I want to do at Emory and Atlanta before I graduate. Here is actually a bucket list of places I have and wanted to go to in Atlanta. The list is grouped by location. This list is comprehensive of restaurants, activities, and cafes.

Buford Highway

  1. Dish Korean food-Been to and ordered their classic Bibimbap
  2. Oriental Pearl Seafood Restaurant-had their amazing dim sum
  3. So Kong Dong-I loved their tofu and bibimbap
  4. Mango Mango-their mango crepe cakes were to die for!
  5. Food Terminal-I loved all their noodles and baos
  6. Just Cheesecake-had the most delicious cheesecake platter
  7. Tea House Formasa-Best fruit tea and ideal study spot
  8. LanZhou Ramen-the best handpulled noodles and chive pancakes
  9. Match Cafe Maiko-I loved their matcha soft serve
  10. Moon Bird Cafe-have yet to go!


  1. Krog Street Market-loved Jenny’s Ice Cream, Gu’s Dumplings
  2. Dancing Goat -best patio cafe out there
  3. Amelie-best macaroons
  4. Sweet hut-my go-to boba shop
  5. Momo cafe-Loved their black sesame latte and pastries
  6. Ponce City Market-loved Ton Ton Ramen, Jia, and Minero
  7. Bar Taco-excellent tacos
  8. 9 mile station-the most up-scale brunch and dinner restaurant in Midtown
  9. Hampton Hudson-my go-to brunch for everyday
  10. Sundial at the Westin-where I celebrated my 21st birthday and the best lunch (absolutely worth the price and the view)
  11. Bread and Butterfly-want to go!


  1. Dr. Bombay Underwater Tea Party-I loved the bookstore vibes
  2. Decatur Square-some of my favorites are Chai Pani and Sapori di Napoli
  3. Murphys and Sun in My Belly-perfect for a group brunch
  4. Pinewood-Loved their burgers with tater tots and their beignets(almost Cafe Du Monde quality!)
  5. Whiskey Bird-want to go to!

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