Adjusting to Social Distancing

I finally have learned how to adjust to this new normal of staying at home. I was so used to my busy college life always out and about on campus or in the city of Atlanta. However, during these last few weeks, I have grown to become more relaxed and have discovered many new hobbies. I have many posts about this new lifestyle such as Working from Home and Social Distancing: My Experience.

This past week, I have many different outlets of entertainment. I recently just finished my second embroidery piece. I rediscovered my love for this hobby during social distancing. I loved sewing by hand when I was younger and I realized that this is a super big stress reliever. This hobby helps me calm down and remained focus during my upcoming finals season.

I have also have spent some quality time with my family. One of our favorite activities is cooking. This weekend, we all came together to make dumplings. I was inspired to make different designs besides the traditional dumpling shape. Some of the shapes that I tried include seashell, rose bud, and star. Here are before and after boiling pictures.

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