My experience with Tik Tok

As social distancing measures continue, I have found different ways to keep myself entertained. Netflix parties, zoom calls with friends, embroidering, and Animal Crossing are just some examples. I have finally decided to get on the bandwagon of Tik Tok after hearing several of my friends getting addicted to the app.

I originally had my doubts. Before I joined, I was confused on why people were spending hours looking at videos of others dancing to the Toosie Slide challenge, Oh Na Na challenge or Savage. However, I quickly feel down this rabbit hole. I would stay up at night watching these videos and hours would go by so fast.

I decided to create my own content as well. My first video was of a recap of my junior year. This video did not perform as well as I had liked. It was set to the song “Nostalgia” by Arizona. My second video was about the gems in Arizona. I was quite surprised at how well this one did. This video was set to the song “I Lived” by One Republic. After 24 hours, it has received almost 500 views. My third video has performed the best so far. It was a tutorial of oil pastels and received almost 400 views in four hours.

I have discovered that the tricks to having successful video is having the right hashtags. Examine which hashtags are trending before you make your video so you can cater to the right audience. In addition, music is key. I was initially confused on how to choose the music but Tik tok makes it very easy to view different genres and which songs are trending. Typically stick to songs that fit the mood of your video but also are recognizable.

I so far am having the time of my life creating these videos and it really makes me nostalgic for my life before social distancing. If you want to check out my videos, my username is @tbbi8!

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