My Favorite Clothing Brands for College

When I moved from Arizona to Georgia for college, I had to re-do my entire wardrobe. I was used to triple digit heat and wearing tank tops and shorts in the summer. I barely owned any sweaters, cardigans, rain boots, winter coats, or an umbrella.

As a result, I did a bunch of research into the most popular and best quality clothing brands. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Madewell

This is by far my favorite brand. The styles are very timeless and very good quality. While, most of their stuff is overpriced, I think that the prices are very quite reasonable when there are sales. My favorite pair of black jeans is from here and I wear it all the time. It can be matched with any top and is perfect for everyday wear and going out. In addition,I am obsessed with their blouses. I have bought several which are perfect for business casual wear.

2. Urban Outfitters

This is my go-to place when I just want to browse. I typically do not buy clothing from here as it is very expensive. I have one or two dresses from their sale section but I had to wait months for them to go on sale. These dresses are very flirty and perfect for parties. I love all the quirky accessories and home goods. I have gotten this night lamp shaped like a bao, photo string lights and various other decorations.

3. Free People

This is my favorite place to shop when I need an outfit for a party or date. I have a few cute tops from here but the style is much less conservative compared to Madewell. I love the bohemian vibe.

4. Lululemon

I always buy my athletic leisure clothes from here. I have been fully devoted to this store since junior year of high school. Their leggings, while extremely pricey, are definitely the best quality of all other legging brands. I have had one pair for over five years now. They are super stylish and perfect for everyday wear or athletic purposes. During social distancing, I have only worn these leggings and not jeans.

5. Ann Taylor

Whenever I need clothing for interviews, this is my first stop. I got my blazer from this store. Most of their clothing is very professional looking and timeless. My mom introduced me to this brand and I love how affordable most of their styles are.

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