Must Have Apps in College

As I am approaching graduation (Fall 2020 woo hoo!!), I have started to reflect on the most important apps that have proved to be essential to my daily routine.

Here are a list of my favorite apps:

  1. Venmo-this is the easiest way to exchange money between your friends. It is connected directly to your bank account and you can send money to your friends just with a few touches.
  2. Mint-this app has helped me manage my college budget and keep track of credit card deadlines. In addition, it also shows a breakdown of how much money I have spent for each category each month. It also reminds me when I have reached my spending limit.
  3. Chowbus/Grubhub/Uber Eats/DoorDash -Before college, I did not use food delivery much. However, it is now a lifesaving. I save so much time instead of cooking when I can just order something and schedule a delivery time. Chowbus’s speciality is mainly Asian foods. I definitely have to cross-check each of the apps based on what restaurants offer free delivery. Furthermore, some restaurants have only partnered with one exclusive delivery company.
  4. Yelp-This is my go to before I go to any restaurant. I also like to look at the previous reviews, the pictures of the food, and more information about the restaurant such as parking information and menu.
  5. Forest-I have already written about this amazing app in the article “Working from Home”. It really helps me remain productive and not be distracted by my phone. A quick recap on the app: this app basically grows a tree based on how long you don’t go on the phone.
  6. Evernote-I love this note taking app. I am able to categorize my notes and sync them between my phone and laptop. I prefer this over the iPhone Notes app since my notes is not connected to iCloud. Moreover, Evernote offers better features to customize notes.
  7. Adobe Scan-During social distancing, this app is been my go-to for transferring hand written notes to my computer. This app can easily identify the borders and crop my notes and also increase the contrast to make it easier to read.

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