My Watchlist during week 4 of social distancing

During these weeks of social distancing, I have caught up on a bunch of Tv shows and movies on Netflix and Hulu. Here are just some of my favorites:

  1. Kim’s Convenience Store Season 4 (Netflix)

This Canadian based TV is about a Korean family who owns a convenience store. It focuses on the relationship between the parents, their daughter who is in art school, and their son who works at a rental car shop. The show explores Korean traditions, emphasizes the importance of family, introduces interracial relationships, and provides a good time for their audience members. I love watching this show after a long day of online classes as it is very lighthearted and makes me laugh. I quickly binged the 20 minute episodes of Season 4 within two days.

2. Royal Pains(Netflix)

This show has been my main focus. It is about an ER doctor named Hank Lawson who becomes a concierge doctor in the Hamptons after an important patient dies on his watch. Season 1 focuses on the relationships and friendships between Hank Lawson, his brother Eddie Lawson, and their friend Divya Katadre and how they build their business HankMed. Each episode introduces new characters who are patients in the Hamptons. I loved Season 1-4 of the show. However, when the storyline became more complex, I found the show becoming less realistic and I quickly lost interest. I only ended up watching bits and pieces of the remaining parts of the show. I really liked the character Divya Katadre as she really broke through stereotypes of Indian culture.

3. Merlin (Netflix)

I am watching this show with my friends through Netflix Party every Friday night. We are only on Season 1. This show focuses on a wizard named Merlin and how he helps the royal family in Camelot. I am usually not a fan of wizardry or fantasy show but I am able to enjoy myself. It reminds me a bit of Game of Thrones. I do have to admit though, if it wasn’t for my friends, I probably would not voluntarily watch this show.

4. Friends with Kids Movie (Hulu)

This movie is different from all other romantic comedies. Instead of focusing on the cliches that most other romantic comedies have, it portrays the impact of having kids on people’s relationships. I loved the two main actors. The storyline was very unique. Some of the supporting actors were quite annoying and I ended up having to speed up the movie.

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