Some technology-free activities for social-distancing

During these past three weeks of social distancing, I have come up with different ways to stay busy. I have been trying to stay away from my laptop and phone unless I am doing school work. Here are some activities that I have been doing during my free time:

  1. Embroidery

I used to love doing embroidery when I was younger. It is super easy to do and it only requires a handkerchief, need, and some thread. The hoop pictured below is optional. For me, I enjoy doing simple embroidery techniques and most of it is based on sewing techniques. The trick for me is to use thinner thread and a smaller needle so the holes on the handkerchief are less obvious if you mess up. Here is one of my designs that only took me about an hour to make. There are a huge variety of embroidery ideas on Pinterest for inspiration.

2. Oil Pastel

I used to be very artistic when I was younger. I took drawing and painting classes in high school and am experienced with water color and oil pastel. During my family’s spring cleaning, I rediscovered my oil pastels. I spent the afternoon playing with them and I remembered how enjoyable they are. They are super easy to use and are very similar to crayons. For me, the trick is to use the white oil pastel to help blend and smooth out colors. The only downside is that they can be quite messy and it is recommended to have a piece of paper below the medium you are working on. Both of these works were done on regular 8×11 printer paper since I could not go out and buy canvas.

3. Cooking

This is one of my family’s favorite pastimes. My dad made some of these delicious healthy rice flour cupcakes with raisins this weekend and I prepared some avocado toast. Cooking provides a nice break between studying. It is super fun to come up with new recipes and determine what dishes you can make with the ingredients you have at home.

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