Social Distancing: My experience

This is now my third week of social distancing. I have been staying inside my house and only going on walks in my neighborhood about once a day to get some fresh air. My days have been busy with online classes. In addition, I have much more free time than I would normally for in person classes. I have kept myself with various activities:

  1. Netflix Party

My friends from college and I have been keeping in touch with daily texts, Zoom calls, and Netflix Party. I absolutely love this feature. This Chrome extension allows you to watch TV shows and movies with your friends and allows you to chat with them and each person has control of the video. It is super fun to watch something together and it makes it seem like we are all together again. My friends and I recently started watching Merlin and we are making Netflix Party a weekly tradition.

2. Animal Crossing

Growing up, I didn’t play many video games besides Mario Kart on my Wii. However, with my additional free time, I have been looking into playing more video games. One of the most in demand video games right now is Animal Crossings: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch Lite. I was a bit late on this bandwagon. All of the stores near me have sold out of the Nintendo Switch Lite. I had to settle for the alternative: Animal Crossing-Pocket Camp on iOs. Thankfully, I can play this game on my phone free of charge. I instantly became addicted. This video game caters to everyone and is very relaxing. I lost myself in the world of Animal Crossing and spent many hours fishing, collecting berries, designing my campsite, and trading goods. It became such a distraction that I had to set a timer for the app.

3. Social Media

Social media has always been an integral part of my life but it is much more important now. I spend a good amount of time on Facebook. One of my favorite past times is looking at the memes in the group Zoom Memes for Self-Quaranteens. Many of these posts make me laugh and makes me feel better about having to social distancing. It is good to know how many of us are in this tough situation together. The group really demonstrates a sense of community and it brings together people from all over the country.

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