TV Show Recommendations During Social-Distancing

During the recommended social-distancing, one of my favorite things to do is catch up on old TV shows. (see post How to stay busy with social distancing). Here are a list of my favorite shows:

  1. The Good Wife (Amazon Prime)

This show is about a stay-at-home mother, Alicia Florrick, who has to go back a law firm to help support her family after her husband is accused of corruption. The series explores the different lawsuits she helps defend and her relationships with her family and coworkers. The show addressed important issues such as gender equality in the workplace, relationship dynamics, and female empowerment. During high school, I used to watch this show religiously with my mother. We would try to predict the outcomes of the different cases and discuss Alicia’s choices. I am currently rewatching this series. The second time around I definitely am able to better understand some of the terminology used and have a new appreciation for the writers of the show.

2. Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

This has been one of my favorite shows of all time. (see post Lessons I have Learned from watching Gilmore Girls). This is my go-to show whenever I need a pick me up. This show makes me value friendship and family more and it heavily influenced my childhood.

3. New Girl (Netflix)

This show is definitely different than the two other shows I have just mentioned. This is about a young and naive girl who moves into a Los Angeles apartment with three random guys she met on Craigslist. This show details her different adventures with these roommates. I love this show because it helps me appreciate everyone’s quirkiness and taught me how it is okay to just be yourself. (see post Why I am obsessed with New Girl)

4. Friends (soon to be on HBO Max)

When Friends left Netflix at the start of 2020, I had just finished my 7th time watching this series in whole. It was an end of an era for me. This show had been through it all for me. I can quote almost every episode by heart and thoroughly understand all of the ups and downs that the 6 main characters (Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe) had to undergo. I highly recommend this show and believe me, it will change your life. (see post Why Friends is the most iconic show of all time)

5. Sex in the City (Amazon Prime)

Last but not least, Sex in the City also was a game-changer in my life. This is definitely one of the most mature shows on this list. This show centers around a NYC based writer named Carrie Bradshaw as she narrates the different relationships she is in. I learned a lot about the do’s and dont’s of friendship and romantic relationships. (see post Lessons I have learned from Sex in the City)

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