A Bittersweet End to Junior Year

As this coronavirus pandemic takes over the United States, many colleges around the country have suspended classes and transitioned to online for the remainder of the semester. I recently just moved back home to Scottsdale to complete the rest of junior year online as requested by my college.

At the end of a hectic move out of my apartment, my friends and I had one last brunch together before we part ways for months. This was the last time we will all be together in the same city for another five months. We were all sad that junior year came to an early end.

To celebrate our final meals in Atlanta, we went to Sun in my Belly. This is one of my favorite brunch places. I got their classic Challah french toast along with a Chai latte.

I absolutely love the vibe at this restaurant. It was very calming. My favorite part was that they projected movies on their walls. Some of them included Top Gun and Matilda.

This was the perfect setting for our final toast to junior year. My friends and I discussed memorable moments this year and our future plans. We all shared a group hug before departing. It was truly a bittersweet moment. I am so lucky to have people that means so much to me.

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