Cooking in College

In college, there are so many things to worry about from classes to social life to job searching. Learning how to be independent and take care of your self is a huge priority. This semester, I devoted a substantial amount of time to learn how to cook. Not only does cooking save much more money than the traditional college meal plan, it is also much more healthier.

My apartment has basic kitchen appliances such as stovetop, and oven and toaster ovens. I recently got an Instant Pot and it changed my life. It helped me save time and made the food much more savory. Here are a few dishes that I have made so far:

This dish consists of rotisserie chicken and bakes sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes were cooked using the instant pot for about an hour. I bought the rotisserie chicken from Kroger and sprinkled some pepper and salt. This dish was very easy and cheap to make and it lasted me about three meals.

This is my go-to dish. All you need is eggs and rice. I used my instant pot to make the rice and it only takes about 12 minutes. I scrambled the eggs. Afterwards, I mixed the cooked rice and the scrambled eggs together on a skillet and added salt.

This is another dish with eggs and rice. However, this dish takes much more time. I had to wash and cut up the onions and tomatoes and scramble the eggs. I then added them all together on a skillet and poured one spoonful of vinegar, one spoonful of premium soy sauce and sugar. I let it simmer for a couple of minutes and then tasted the tomato juice to determine how much additional seasoning needed to be added.

This was also a relatively time consuming dish. However, this dish lasted me a whole week. I bought a plate of pork from Kroger, added dark soy bean sauce, sugar, and potatoes and used the meat stew function on my Instant Pot for an hour and twenty minutes.

It is hard to find time to cook in college but it is well worth it. After practicing with these dishes, I feel much more confident in my ability to meal prep efficiently and effectively.

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