New Atlanta Finds

This semester, I have discovered a few more restaurants and cafes. Since I started college, I have had a bucket list of places that I have been wanting to try. Here are just a few:

Dairies ColdBrew Coffee and Bar

This is my new favorite study place. It is located at an apartment complex about 20 minutes from Emory’s campus. It serves the most amazing acai bowls and lattes. During my first trip, I got the goldenmilk latte. I was wondering what all the hype was surrounding this drink was. It was very different then I imagined. It had a very distinct ginger and spicy after taste. While the food didn’t disappoint, it was very hard to find a seat at this packed cafe.

Pinewood Restaurant

I actually found out about this restaurant through Instagram. It is located about 15 minutes away from campus in Decatur, Georgia. My roommate and I decided to have dinner here and it was amazing. We both had their signature burger with tater tots. The burger was huge. We finished our unforgettable meal with beignets! They were almost as good as the famous ones from Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans!

Tea House Formosa

This is my go-to study place when I need to really grind. It is located on Buford Highway and serves the most savory teas. It serves all kinds of tea from milk tea to fruit tea. I got the very berry tea and I finished it within one hour. The last time I was there, I also got their taiyaki with red bean paste. It was very lightly toasted and was very warm. This was the perfect way to start off a day of studying. Their waiters were also very friendly.

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