Atlanta Glossier !!

Every since I started to prep for professional interviews and internships, I really value and spend time on my appearance. One aspect of this is makeup. I spend a lot of time investigating what makeup brands are most worth the money, provide the most natural look and are the most natural. My favorite brand right now is Glossier. I discovered this brand on Instagram and I have been obsessed ever since. This brand doesn’t many permanent locations in the country.

I bought my first order online from their website. I was very impressed with how organized and streamlined their website was. I easily was able to locate the products that I wanted. I bought the boy brow online along withe their red lip gloss. I thought the prices were very reasonable for name brand makeup. I was worried that the boy brow would not match my eye brow shape very well. However, it was the perfect color and the brush was very easy to use. I also loved the red lip gloss. It provided a very natural glossy lip look and it lasts several hours.

When I found out that Glossier was going to have a pop up at Ponce City Market, I was ecstatic. I went during a study break on their opening day. I was very impressed with the design and environment. The employees all had iPads to take orders and to streamline the process. After they take your order, you wait about five minutes and pick it up from a special window. It was very different from other makeup stores as all of their products were displayed and you are able to test any of them.

The company really knows how to cater to their customers. They had a special experience room devoted to taking pictures. It had a mirror with a disco ball and upside down chairs. I thought it was very clever. In addition, all of their mirrors had self-love quotes. I ended up buying their haloscope product (a highlighter) along with two other lip tints.

I was very happy with this experience and will be going again before their pop up ends. I have passed by several times after opening day and each time, the line is longer and longer. I am very lucky to be able to actually go to a Glossier pop up and I highly recommend this brand.

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