A Desert Christmas

Every year, I am always very into the Christmas spirit. I have gone to different holiday celebrations such as Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo, Atlanta Botanical Garden Holiday Lights, Lights of the World celebration, and World of Illumination drive through experience.

This year, my friends and family took a much more low-key celebration. My friend and I went ice skating at City Scape Phoenix. I have never gone before but I absolutely loved it. City Scape Phoenix is a residential apartment complex at the heart of Downtown Phoenix. For the holidays, they have a very beautiful ice skating rink with a giant Christmas tree. We ice skated for about half an hour until there were too many people. This is one of the few outdoor ice skating rinks in Arizona. In addition, there are a lot of trendy restaurants near by such as Arrogant Butcher and shops such as Urban Outfitters. This is the perfect place for college students.

My family and I did our annual photoshoot in front of the Christmas tree. We all dressed up in coordinating outfits and took several family photos in front of our tree. This is the holiday my family goes all out for. Every year, we have a row of Nutcrackers lining our fireplace, and different village houses on our coffee table along with our beautiful Christmas tree. One of my favorite traditions is setting up the tree every Thanksgiving. We also love being able to watch each other open presents and see the surprised looks on each other’s faces.

A new tradition was started this year. My friend and I baked sugar cookies in the shape of sweaters. We decorated them and watched Friends Christmas episodes. This was super fun and we will definitely do it again next year.

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