Winter Break in Scottsdale, Arizona

I am very lucky that I can call Scottsdale, Arizona my hometown. It’s the place where I grew up and it holds a very special place in my heart. Each winter break, I fall in love with Scottsdale all over again. Within the past three days, I have already made the most of it and visited some of my favorite places from my childhood and tried a few new places as well.

My first stop was Teaspressa. This has easily become my favorite coffee chain in Arizona. There are locations in Downtown Phoenix and Arcadia. My best friend from middle school and I went to the Arcadia location within 24 hours of us coming home. I ordered their cranberry holiday drink. It is my favorite place to do work and I love the seasonal decorations they have.

In addition, Arizona is known for its hiking. My friend and I hiked Sunrise trail which is about a 2.0 moderate trail near Fountain Hills. Hiking is my favorite outdoor activity during the winter. It is perfect because you can exercise and catch with friends at the same time. Here is the breathtaking view from Sunrise peak. From this height, we could admire all of Scottsdale.

I also discovered the Lux Max Annex cafe at Kierland. I have been wanting to visit this cafe since its opening in November. It was actually much better than I expected. The entire cafe had a pink vibe and the music was similar the songs played at a club. It was very busy and had a lot of customers considering it just opened. The only drawback would be that the location is a bit hard to find. It is located at the corner of a business complex. I tried their berry buckle pie and hibiscus tea. I originally heard of this cafe because I love their original location in Phoenix called Lux Central.

In order to burn off all the calories I have gained from going cafe hopping, I have discovered my love for running. I run around my neighborhood and it reenergizes me. I love going sunset chasing. Arizona sunsets are breathtaking. Here is a snap from one of my runs earlier this week.

Here’s to more winter break adventures!

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