End of the Semester Reflection

As I am finishing up my first semester into junior year of college, I have learned a lot and changed. Even within this semester alone, I have become a whole new person. I do have to say this semester has been the best for me in terms of academics, professional development, and social aspects.

I finally am super happy with the classes that I am taking. I never dread going to class and I love all the topics I am learning including linear algebra. I often tell my parents about different statistical theories and real life applications. They are excited that I have finally found something that I am passionate about.

In terms of professional development, I learned the importance of developing a professional network and using Emory’s Career Center for resources. The most challenging part is how to take advantage of all the resources and knowing who to talk to. My parents are very unfamiliar with the data science field so this semester, I had to navigate the internship search and career fair process all on my own. I am thankful that I did because I grew a lot as an individual and learned how to promote my own brand. I am able to show who I am efficiently and effectively.

I definitely have the most stable friend group that I have had in years. I am fortunate enough to live with my friends in my apartment. After three years, I know who is always there for me and recognize the ups and downs that we have been through together. College is challenging but when you have a support system, it makes it much easier.

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