Why I love my high school friends

I am so lucky to have my high school friends. Even though we are all spread across the country from Arizona to California to Texas to Louisiana, we all still stay in contact and help each other out with the ups and downs of college life. They are always there for me and provide unconditional support. We are all understanding of each other as we each undergo similar problems and struggles at different schools. 

When I see them over break, it is as if no time has passed. We have known each other for over four years so we know each others interests and quirks so well. I love it when I am exploring a new city and I find something that reminds me of one of my friends back home. I instantly send them a picture. When we are reunited, we catch up so quickly and never run out of things to talk about. We love reflecting and feeling nostalgic about high school. We are the only ones who understand what it was like growing up in Arizona. Our similar childhood experiences provide us with a very strong bond. 

 In addition, we have so much fun exchanging stories about our crazy college life. It is especially fun to hear about our frat party experiences, our boy drama, and entertaining weekend plans. 

I love visiting my high school friends at their respective colleges and watching them thrive. I am so happy that each of them discovered their perfect school. I enjoy watching all of us grow and follow our own individual path and pursue our interests. It is particularly fascinating to watch us change. Throughout these past few months, we all have matured and changed so much. Some of us changed more than others. 

What’s ironic is that, I feel like i know my friends better now in college than I did in high school. They are the ones who I often rely on when I feel homesick or need someone to talk to. 

It is especially interesting to see how our high school friends have changed. My high school had a graduating class around 540 students and of those approximately 60 IB students. Out of those people, I still keep in touch with around maybe 10 of my classmates. 

When I visited my best friend at University of Southern California over break, I hung out with two of my guy friends in my IB class. Even though we haven’t seen each other in months and had opposite personalities, we still had so much to talk about. Time flew by. I discovered that I actually have more things in common with them now than I did in high school. 

It’s funny how life works like that. I love seeing how we all end up where we are supposed to end up. Life is super unexpected and I love that. I am forever grateful and thankful for all that my high school friends have done for me. I am truly grateful to be surrounded by such amazing and inspiring people. 

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