To the one that got away

Each December, I reunite with some of my friends from high school. They remind me of all the fun moments like prom and graduation. In highsight, I wish I spent more time getting to know more people in my class.

There was this one guy in particular that looking back at was definitely the one that got away. He was everything I would want in a guy: smart, attractive, funny, tall, and sweet. He was extremely caring and got along pretty well with everyone. Even though I didn’t really get to know him until the end of junior year, I valued all the time we spent together. 

There was not a huge range of guys I was friends with in high school. Most of them were either fuckboy or bad influences. However, this was the one guy I thought met all my standards. You are probably wondering why I didn’t go for him? Why didn’t I ask him out when I had the chance or told him how I felt? 

Well, I was very different in high school. I was not as social as I am now and did not open up to people easily. The person that I am now would have done things differently. There would have been no doubt that I would have at least told him that I liked him. 

Of course, now it is truly too late. He and I are now about 2000 miles away and two time zone differences apart. I could never put myself through another long distance relationship. Not only would it be taxing, exhausting and stressful, a long distance relationship may actually cause us to not like each other anymore.. 

I think what is important now is that we continue to remain friends and catch up every few months or so. Every break, I do look forward to seeing him again and honestly, I believe we are closer now than we were in high school. I think that college is the time for personal growth. 

Maybe someday we will be in the same city again. Who knows, maybe we will find our way back to each other after different relationships and our own experiences. I think if it really was meant to be, it won’t ever be too late. If it is not meant to be, then it is really okay. He will always just be the one that got away. 

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