Atlantic Station: Atlanta’s Christmas Wonderland

This weekend, I went to Atlantic Station located in Midtown Atlanta. This place is truly a place for every one. Today was a special day as they had an event called “Light the Station” where their giant Christmas tree is light up with a firework presentation. This was truly magical and I was blown away by fireworks.

Beyond just the Christmas tree, Atlantic Station also offers a whole selection of restaurants such as California Pizza Kitchen, The Burger Joint, and Pho 24. My friend and I shared a Hawaiian pizza from California Pizza Kitchen and it was reasonable and delicious. For dessert, we got mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream ice cream from Kilwin’s.

Our second highlight of the evening was skating on their ice skating rink. The price was $15 to skate and rent shoes. It was super nice to just glide along the rink. We were so proud that we didn’t fall over and were able to do several laps around the rink. However, there were lots of children which made it difficult to ice skating in loops. We also had to keep an eye out for children and those who didn’t know how to properly ice skate. This was my first time skating on an outdoor track.

In addition, Atlantic Station also has a bunch of stores such as H&M, Athleta, Loft, and Dillards. They also host the iconic Regal Cinemas movie theatre.

Atlantic Station is truly a place for everyone and it is truly magical during the holidays.

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