Holiday Season Guide in Atlanta and Phoenix

I I experienced my first snowfall in Atlanta two years ago and I have fallen in love with the winter season since. I am especially in the holiday mood this year. There are so many ways to stay in the holiday spirit despite projects and the impending final season.

The simplest way to get into the holiday spirit is to try holiday themed drinks such as hot chocolate or Starbuck’s to-die-for peppermint mocha. These drinks are perfect to help you stay warm in near freezing temperatures. The Emory dining hall does a good job with providing us with holiday themed desserts as well.

You and your friends could also have a holiday-themed movie night in. You can buy cake mix for different Christmas desserts and make them while marathoning movies. My friend group did this for Halloween and it was so much fun. We made a funfetti cake and marathoned Harry Potter movies.

There are so many fun events in Atlanta and Phoenix. Here is a list of fun things to do in Atlanta during winter:

  1. Atlanta Botanical Garden Holiday Lights

This is my favorite event in Atlanta by far. I have already previously declared my love for this garden in a post called “Atlanta Fall Break Part 1” . This event has become a tradition for my friend group. We absolutely love looking at the various light sculptures.

2. Atlantic Station Ice Skating

I went here during my freshman year but unfortunately we could not ice skate because there was water on the rink. However, that inconvenience did not lower our holiday spirits. We still were able to enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations, shop and get ice cream from Kilwin’s.

Here is a list to do in Phoenix:

  1. Phoenix Zoo Lights

Before I discovered the Atlanta Botanical Garden Holiday Lights, this was my go-to favorite place. I used to go yearly during middle school.

2. World of Illumination

This is a drive-through holiday lights show. I went last year with my cousins and we loved it. This is especially creative because you can avoid the cold temperatures and watch the lights dance to the music from the comfort of your car. There are locations in Glendale and Tempe.

3. Lights of the World

This event is held every year in Downtown Phoenix. Instead of lights, all the sculptures are made out of lanterns. This is mainly in celebration of Chinese New Year but they welcome everyone to enjoy. I have gone for three years now and each year they still surprise me with just how impressive the lanterns are. They also have a Chinese acrobatic show.

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