Why I finally deleted Snapchat

I previously wrote about “How Social Media has influenced my life”. In this article, I talked about how the negative impacts of social media. Last night, I finally deleted the social media platform that I use the most, Snapchat. I made this decision after much thought. This choice was not easy as I have been using snapchat since before high school (almost 7 years ago).

Many of my close friends already left the platform a few months ago. One by one, they were becoming less social media dependent and more focused on improving themselves without thinking about what the world thought about them.

I was mainly using it to keep streaks with people who I don’t talk to regularly. It was becoming kind of pointless to just receive snaps about someone’s life because they are obligated to keep a streak. Most of these snaps were either daily outfit pictures, selfies, or food pictures. Nothing that was of super importance or I couldn’t live without.

Snapchat isn’t as toxic as other platforms. The primary reason why I left is because it wasn’t adding anything into my life. It became a waste of time and a distraction. This is also a test of friendship. A friendship isn’t just a streak. A friendship is made up of actual conversations about our lives and being there for each other. If people were just talking to me because I had a streak with them, then they are not worth my time or energy. If they really want to be my friend, then we would find alternative forms of communication and have actual texting conversations or phone calls.

I acknowledge that this is a part of growing up. Of course, not everyone you thought that would be there for you will always remain a part of your life. It is important to recognize that life is so much more than just updating your followers on social media.

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