Lessons I have learned from watching Sex in the City

This is the semester of rewatching various shows. I have already gone through Friends, Gilmore Girls, and New Girl. I have now moved on to rewatching Sex in the City. This show is very different from the previous three shows as it is much more relationship focused and less family friendly. It is about a group of four female friends as they navigate through the obstacles of dating. Each of the six season introduces new relationships. The main character, Carrie Bradshaw, writes a column called “Sex in the City” which talks about her and her friends and their dating adventures. Her two primary love interests are Aidan and Mr. Big. She writes about how they deal with relationship milestones and obstacles including moving in, marriage, and breakups.

This is the perfect show for any college girl. I have learned so many relationship lessons from this show. Here are just a few of the lessons:

  1. If you have any doubt about the relationship no matter how small, run.
  2. There is a difference between missing someone and the idea of someone
  3. You and your significant other should have shared life interests and goals in life.
  4. You and your significant other should motivate each other to be the best people each can be and not bring each other down.
  5. Your friends are always there for you no matter what ( similar theme to other three shows I have watched this semester).
  6. Have fun during your 20s and be open to new adventures.
  7. You should never have to lose yourself for another person.

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