Why Friends is the most iconic show of all time

2019 is a bittersweet year for what I believe is the most iconic show of all time, Friends. This 90s sitcom celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. This show has withstood time and is still as beloved as it was during the 90s. As part of the anniversary celebration, many companies have their own Friends inspired collections. For example, Ralph Lauren, the company that Rachel Green worked for, is releasing a Rachel Green clothing collection. In addition, the jewelry company Alex and Ani also has a collection with Friends inspired earrings and charms. (Yes, I did buy a pair of Friends coffee cup earrings. Absolutely no regrets). To be completely honest, I wanted to buy everything in the collection but I had to control myself. I mean who wouldn’t want a charm bracelet that says “Hey, how you doin’”. Plus, the Jonas Brothers even shared a tribute video recreating the Friends intro with costumes from their hit song “Sucker”.

However, this is its last year on Netflix (Trust me, when i found this out, I cried). From moving across the country to dealing with heartbreak, this show has been there for me through it all. (Haha get it? The theme song). It my go to show no matter the mood. Even after watching the series at least ten times, I still laugh at all the jokes as if it was my first time and shed tears every time I watch the finale episode. My friends don’t even have to ask what show I am watching because they know I am watching Friends. I even have a Friends poster in my apartment. Whenever someone asks me for recommendations, I always without hesitation recommend this show. Here are some reasons why I have fallen head over heels in love with this show.

  1. Never let go of your friends

I learned that friends are the ones who are there for you during all the ups and downs. They understand you better than your family because you are all going through similar things even at different times. They are your shoulder to cry on when things are tough but also the first people to throw celebrations for you when you accomplish something. I love how the show demonstrates that people with different hobbies and interests can still be friends. It was super interesting that the creators devoted a couple episodes to how these friendships came to be from childhood friends that blossomed or college roommates. I especially love the bromance between Chandler and Joey.

  1. Life is unexpected

Many shows teach the importance of friends. However, this show really emphasized how you can’t predict where life takes you. Could Rachel and Ross have predicted that they were going to be on and off for so many years? Could Monica and Chandler have predicted that they were going to end up together? The answer is no. It taught me how to accept and deal with what life throws at us whether it is good or bad. I try not to dwell on the past or stress about the future but focus on the present.

  1. Adulthood is tough but so are we 

This show is based on the lives of six 20s something people who live in New York City. They go through so many significant life events such as job searches, moving, marriages, and divorces (shout out to Ross). It pretty accurately reflects how real life is. Growing up is hard but when you have friends to help and support you every step of the way, it is not as bad. 

I am so grateful for all of the lessons this show has taught. It has brought me so many happy memories. I truly be sad when this show leaves Netflix for good. Please watch all 10 seasons before its too late. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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