Celebrating Halloween in College

Halloween was always one of the most exciting times of the year. It is the defining fall holiday and allows everyone to express themselves using makeup and costumes. It is for all ages. It creates such a festive environment for everyone and in preparation for Halloween, many people attend pumpkin festivals or haunted houses. Almost every year growing up, I would go trick or treating with my friends in my neighborhood. I never thought that this tradition would continue in college.

During my first year of college, my biology professors suggested that we stop by their haunted house in their neighborhood. My friends and I made last minute costumes and went trick or treating. I dressed up as the devil while my roommate at the time was an angel. The following year, we went back to the same street. This street had some of the most elaborate Halloween decorations I have ever seen. The police also close off the entire street from cars just so the trick or treaters can take their time. This time, my friend and I dressed up as Blair and Serena, respectively, from Gossip Girl. My friend group and I are planning on going to the same street this year but doing a group a costume with matching scrubs.

It is also super fun to celebrate Halloween at home. This past weekend, my friend group and I made a Funfetti Halloween cake with Funfetti sprinkles and frosting. It was a good bonding activity. We marathoned Harry Potter movies and ate the cake. This is a very super cheap and fun activity.

It is also fun to attend different fall events such as the Pumpkin festival at Stone Mountain. There are also pumpkin patches located in Atlanta which are fun too.

I recently have discovered my love for all pumpkin spice things. For breakfast, I eat Quaker Pumpkin Spice oatmeal. I love pumpkin spice drinks and cookies as well. I cannot believe I just discovered why everyone is obsessed with this flavor.

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