How to make the most of Snow Days

At Emory University, snow days are a luxury. Growing up in Arizona, I never experienced a snow day. I came to Emory extremely unprepared for cold weather. When I heard that class was being cancelled due to snow, my friends and I were ecstatic. Since snow days are very rare, it is important to make the most of them. Here are some times to help you enjoy and take advantage of the snow days. 

  1. Spend time with friends

Use this time to catch up with your friends and ask them about updates in their lives. College gets busier and busier and sometimes you may only know the most important details about their lives. It gets harder and harder to coordinate schedules and plan meet ups especially if you don’t live near them.

2. Marathon your favorite movies or tv shows

It is so important to treasure the free time you have to watch tv shows, especially when there is no coursework to do. If you don’t, you will definitely regret it. If you need recommendations, you should check out New Girl, Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother, and Friends. To make things even more exciting, call your squad and order Ubereats and spend a good several hours binge-watching your favorite tv shows. My friends and I love having Harry Potter Marathons.

3. Call your parents

During the school year, you might get super busy with school work or extracurriculars that you might forget to call your parents. Even if you are not home sick, you should try to communicate with them as much as possible as they, depending on the financial situation, may be paying for a huge chunk of your college tuition. 

4. Go play out and play in the snow

When there was first snow on campus, my friends and I sprinted to the freshman quad and spent about a couple hours throwing snowballs at each other and gliding across the snow. Since for many people from the West Coast or Florida, this could be the first time watching snow fall. This was for sure my first.

5. Talk to your high school friends

Just like how it is important to communicate with  your parents, it is also essential to take time and talk to some of your high school friends. Even though you may have just reunited with them over break, you can never spend too much time with the people you spent four years with. It is especially fun to reminisce over high school experiences and look through old pictures together.  Give them a call or Facetime and I’m sure that they will appreciate that you are thinking about them.

6. Go ahead in school work

Even though you may not have a lot of coursework during the snow days, you probably know that in the weeks following the snow days, there will be a more than normal course load. If your professors have posted make up assignments or future assignments, be sure to at least take a look at them so you can have idea of what is going to be taught soon. There is never any harm in going ahead of the curriculum. 

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