To my mom

Throughout my childhood, my mom has been my best friend and my rock. She is the first person I contact whenever I have good or bad news. She is my shoulder to cry on and my cheerleader. It is really hard to be 2000 miles away from her during the school year.

My mom is unlike other Chinese mothers. She is not the traditional Tiger Mom but allows me and my sister to grow into our own person. She pushes and motivates us every day to be better person but also tries her best to understand our struggles. She grew up and attended college in China and then completed her graduate education in the United States. I was the first person in my family to apply and attend college in the United States. However, my parents during the application process did their best to make sure we had all the resources we needed to get into the college of our choice. I remember my mom would stay up late reviewing our resumes word by word and reading our essays over and over again till they were perfect.

My mom woke up earlier than every other person in my family for over a decade to cook my sister and I a healthy breakfast and lunch. Plus, she would always drive us to school and pick us up and even bring snacks for us on the ride back home. We loved talking about our day with her and hearing her feedback.

She always encouraged us to try new things. Growing up, my sister and I tried at least half a dozen extracurriculars such as piano, drawing, ping pong, tennis, and ice skating. My mom never complained driving us to these lessons and never said a word when we decided to quit. She just wanted us to be happy in what we were doing. She never really pushed us to continue to do something we didn’t like.

Most importantly, she made sure that my sister and I had a memorable childhood filled with smiles and laughter. There was always so much joy in our house when we celebrated American and Chinese holidays and birthdays. I still remember my mom staying up late Christmas Eve to wrap presents for everyone. She made our childhoods so fulfilled with both domestic and international vacations to destinations such as Hawaii, Boston, New York, California, China, and Italy.

Here in my college apartment, I have pictures of my family on my wall. Every time, I see them it reminds me of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful and supportive family.

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