Finding Modern Love

With all this technology in our lives from touch screen laptops to buttonless iPhones, our daily lives have changed drastically. This also means that the way of finding love also changes. Online dating has become more popular than ever. The number of dating apps have skyrocketed and consists of Tinder, Bumble and many others. In addition, there are also Facebook groups such as Subtle Asian Dating that promotes meeting people worldwide. The traditional meet and greets and meet cutes have become increasingly rare. Having this kind of technology is both a pro and con.

It is for sure a lot easier to meet a lot of people. It can also speed up relationships and make communicating easier. You can also find information about people much more easier.

Technology certain complicates relationships. It is hard to read someone through social media and miscommunication can happen. Texting and DM’s have replaced phone conversations. Plus, it is also super easy to ghost people you are not interested in or leave them on read.

It is also much more challenging to find a genuine relationship through online dating. Tinder is known as a hook up tool. Bumble is more for relationships but the girl has to make the first move. I definitely have played around and experienced various forms of dating. Since then, I have boycotted the use of online dating apps. I realized that those apps are not super healthy and selection is not great either. I do have to say though that using Bumble definitely made me more confident and more willing to take risks.

Online dating is a preference. I definitely think that it is worth giving it a try and comparing it to the old fashioned way.

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