Stone Mountain: The Most Beautiful Place in Atlanta

I have previously written about how my heart belongs to Ponce City Market. However, without a doubt the prettiest place in Atlanta is at Stone Mountain Park. I have been here three times in one year now. It is the best place to view the sunrise or sunset. You can see the Atlanta skyline of Midtown and Downtown so clearly from the top of the carved stone. Each of my three trips have been different. Last October, my sophomore year roommate and my dad took the Skyride to the top of the mountain to observe the sunset and watch the laser show. We learned a big lesson which was to avoid the power lines in our photos. The second time was when my ex-boyfriend and I hiked Stone Mountain together. The lesson we learned here was that we should not hike the mountain the day after it rains. It was quite slippery and we had to hold onto the railing the whole time. It was quite nice to sit hand in hand and admire the sunset though. I went to Stone Mountain for the third time tonight. My roommate and I also took the Skyride to the top to observe the sunset. We had the perfect timing. Initially, we thought we missed it but the sky glowed up as the time passed. Here is a progression of the sunset.

Afterwards, we went to the Pumpkin Festival. I absolutely loved it and thought it was worth the $30 all day pass. They had lights dancing to music and fog for dramatic effect. They also had pumpkins painted with glow in the dark paint along with different shops selling blown glass and stuffed animals. I desperately wanted to try the pumpkin spice soft serve but they had already closed. I loved the different pumpkins and they made it very kid-friendly.

I highly recommend this place. This park does different events for different holidays. There is also something for everyone. It is the perfect getaway for stressful college students. Nothing takes away stress like a good escape to nature.

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