My Heart is at Ponce City Market

Ponce City Market is by far my favorite place in Atlanta. It seriously has everything a college girl wants: food, stores, and beautiful aesthetic backdrops. I have already raved extensively regarding their rooftop Skyline Park. in another article titled ” Atlanta Fall Break Part 3″. In this article, I will focus on some of the hidden gems in the market.

  1. Citizen Supply

This is probably one of the most aesthetic stores at Ponce. They sell everything from postcards to stickers to cacti to clothing. There is a bar inside the store along with a plant store called the Victorian and their own leather shop. My friend and I fell in love with their hand made leather bags. Ultimately, I decided against the purchase. I did buy a super cute Atlanta key chain and a Ponce City Market sticker.

2. The Shops

Ponce City Market also has all of my favorite stores such as Lululemon, Anthropologie, Alex and Ani, and Madewell. I also drag my friends in those stores just so I can take a peek at their sale sections. Every time, I go into their stores, I have to exercise self control. I prefer shopping at Ponce over Lenox just because all of my go-to stores are all near each other versus across the mall. Besides, retail therapy is the perfect cure for stressful times.

3. The restaurants

I have tried so many of the restaurants here. Jia, Minero, Ton Ton are just naming a few. I also love their desserts which include King of Pops, Batter, and Honeysuckle Gelato. The best part is that after I feast I can exercise by either walking or biking the Beltline. Also one of my favorite coffee shops, Dancing Goat, is also located on the edge of Ponce. I love their patio setting.

If you don’t find me at my apartment or grinding away at the Student Center, you will find me here at Ponce City Market either devouring food or shopping.

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