Best Cafes in Atlanta

This midterm season, I have been trying to find different places where I could study. I love getting out the apartment and going off campus. Over the past three years, I have accumulated a bucket list for Atlanta and most of the places are either restaurants or cafes. Here are the top three cafes:

Momo cafe

This is located right next to NCR and Georgia Tech. The first floor is the Momonoki restaurant that specializes in ramen while the second floor is the cafe. I absolutely love their black sesame latte and black sesame pastries. Plus, you can see a great view of Georgia tech on their second floor. I have come here twice now to grind and once for dinner. I definitely think that their cafe is better than their restaurant.

Dr Bombay Underwater Tea Party

Dr. Bombay is located in Virginia Highland and Candler Park. This is probably the most unique coffee shop I have been to. It has lots of eccentric decorations such as umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. I love how they sell discounted books with profits that go to charity. They have a super delicious mint chocolate cake, samosas, and scones. They have a huge variety of teas as well. Usually, I can spend an entire afternoon at this coffee shop. The only downside is that it is always very packed.

Cafe Sip the Experience

I have only been to this cafe once. I would definitely go back when I have the chance. This is a normal cafe shop but it serves an amazing French toast. I went with my friends here and we all were able to very productive. It has a very quiet setting which was perfect for deep concentration.

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